Date: 5/28/18 12:22 pm
From: Chris Martone <cmartone00...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Reading - Mourning Warbler YES

Happy Memorial Day!

Mourning Warbler continues at the Reading Town Forest in the same location that Dave Williams noted yesterday. Dave’s note with location detail is pasted below. There is at least one Wood Thrush in the same area, singing frequently. The Mourning Warbler sang at 12:22pm for less than ten minutes and then went silent or moved away. Other passing birders mentioned it was not singing, nor seen, this morning.

Chris Martone

Dave’s note:

The highlight of the walk in the Reading Town Forest was a male Mourning warbler. While we were watching two Wood thrushes ahead of us on the dirt road, a Mourning warbler sang just to our right. It popped up onto a bush and stayed there for a good 10 seconds providing us with stunning looks at this bird. It then dropped down into the understory and we observed it off and on moving about on both side of the road for almost 10 minutes. It never sang again, but did give its " pwich" call several times. We returned to the same spot at the end of the walk, and sure enough, saw the bird again.
A full eBird list of the walk can be found here:

Dave Williams
Reading, MA
BirdReadingMA project

If you want to try for the Mourning warbler, here are the directions. Park on Grove St., Reading, at the entrance to Strout Ave. No vehicles are allowed on Strout Ave. Walk to the end of Strout Ave. and pass through the gate. Walk all the way across the big, grass field and onto the dirt road. Follow this road for 50 yards and two roads will come in from the right to join this road you are on. Start looking/listening for the Mourning warbler where the second of these two roads merges with the main road you are on. It was seen on both sides of the road.

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