Date: 5/28/18 10:21 am
From: Caryn Schutzler <bluedarner1...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Birding at Leavenworth Bird Festival and on TV / Caryn / Wedgwood
Hi Birders,

Every once in a while we get out of Dodge aka Wedgwood…

Though it was sometimes a “bit” wet on Fish Lake Leavenworth for the bird festival, sipping wine with David Allen Sibley at Red Tail Canyon more than made up for getting soaked. And hubby got further soaked when we hit the hardware/gift shop in Plain, WA…

We were able to see several eagles and osprey. (thanks to Mary and Tim on pontoon boat 32/33?) The favorites of the day were sora and snipe, (singular but fairly close up), and several spotted sandpipers. A few ring-necked ducks, buffleheads enjoyed the rain. Many swallows, mostly I think my favorite of the trip was seeing common yellowthroat, sitting still on cattails for great views. Not a complete list, leaving out the usual suspects—heron, geese, killdeer, etc., but for the rain, it was a fun place to bird. Would love to go back and kayak that lake.

While we sadly didn’t get to see the White-headed woodpecker at friends cabin this year (violet green swallows are nesting in the hole the WHWP pecked in the eaves of her cabin), we did have a couple of nice surprises. As soon my friend hung the hummingbird feeder on her deck, one zoomed in and we were delighted it was a calliope hummingbird! We also saw it out back partaking of the wild prairie larkspur. Goldfinches dined on the arrowleaf balsamroot faded flowers. One spot I was excited to see was a Western bluebird. My husband said he saw a bird with a red spot on its forehead. When I showed him a photo of a common redpoll, he said, “That’s it!” Apparently only occasional in winter, please let me know he wasn’t totally off base. CA quail, a wild turkey, a very wet white-breasted nuthatch.
Also noticed a robin nesting in the “WHWP pine” which was very well camouflaged, just happened to spot it bringing in food. Spotted towhees and juncos called, sounding different than here—perhaps their Bavarian dialect? And just as we were leaving, saw a peregrine zoom through! Hopefully not why we didn’t see the WHWP!!

Even though we just missed the WHWP at Sleeping Lady, we did get great views of dippers, including one feed young still with gape. Also saw red-naped sapsucker.
I also saw what I could only identify as a chipping sparrow, but didn’t look right for the area. Could this be a possibility in Leavenworth?

Too, at Eagle Creek winery (same wine served at the Sibley Social) we saw a Say’s phoebe alight on a post in-between sips. Checked out Icicle Creek Brewery, too. (Dogs no birds were spotted there.) DirtyFace Ale, the new Manny’s! And Dark Persuasion…German Chocolate Cake—Beer? Really!!! But I digress…

Just last evening, happened to catch a show on CBUT/Ch 99 (a Canadian station (Canada Station?)) on the Atlantic puffin on Newfoundland, etc. It had great info on migration and nesting research. Just getting ready to take a “two hour tour” around Protection Island, the timing was uncanny. They have a “puffin patrol” to capture, tag and release the young puffin chicks since they get disoriented by the heavy lighting in the town, confusing it with moonlight. Find episodes, including Songbird SOS at <>

All in all it was a great trip. Thanks to all for a great festival — and Brook Hinton, YOU ROCK! Great job!! Good luck to you!!)

Caryn / Wedgwood neighborhood birder (mostly)

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