Date: 5/28/18 9:14 am
From: W. Douglas Robinson <w.douglas.robinson...>
Subject: [obol] Douglas County 2020 blitz results
We held the Douglas County blitz the last few days. Total species count was about 165 across the huge county spanning the ocean beaches to the high Cascades. Great road system allowed us to reach nearly all the squares we were aiming for.

Highlights were the continuing Great-tailed Grackle at Ford’s Pond, a couple Rock Wrens in the Coast Range (one was actually in Coos County), a poorwill, a couple Common Nighthawks, Grasshopper Sparrow, several Vesper Sparrows, a California Towhee and lots of remarkable scenery and great camaraderie.

We had a small but highly effective group out looking for birds: Matt Hunter, Ron Maertz, Spencer Mair, Jenna Curtis, Tyler Hallman and Douglas Robinson. Thanks to everyone for great work.

I was pulled off along the roadside in a little dirt side-road in a remote Coast Range location one morning. A white pickup (everyone out there seems to drive a white pickup) that had passed me earlier, pulled up alongside and stopped, engine still running. I peaked over my shoulder, wishing the driver would turn off the diesel engine so I could hear better. I noticed the passenger side window nearest to me was still up. So, no obvious way to see why he had stopped. Most people who stop have the window rolled down and quickly ask if everything is ok. When I noticed the tinted window, the hair on the back of my neck stood up for a second. Then I just turned around and shrugged at the driver. He finally rolled down the window and I saw a regular looking guy all dressed in camo; even the upholstery of his truck was in camo. I asked: Am I in your way? He said no then asked in a very perplexed tone: What you DOING out here? I said just looking for birds and smiled. Long pause. Then he fin
ally said: Well, ok, nice seeing you! And roared off. Some people seem to get confused by the simple pleasures in life of exploring new and wild places for birds. There are too few of us who do such things. How about joining us for an upcoming blitz and contribute to this landmark study of Oregon birds? Next blitz is Lake County, 31 May - 4 June. Talk about some wild places to explore for birds!


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