Date: 5/27/18 10:59 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Bird ID Help
I was equally baffled under exactly the same circumstances a few months
ago. what in the world was a spotted towhee doing way up there? but I got
a good look at it and that's what it was. the backlighting didn't help
bob obrien

On Sunday, May 27, 2018, Lorraine Crawford <lcrawford2001...> wrote:
> Okay Guys - I am befuddled with this bird. I have a couple of photos.
It was at the top of a 120 foot conifer in my front yard it SW Portland.
Got good looks. Beak is light and not dark. Was trilling like a Towhee
but absolutely no red on it and why at 120 feet?
> I will send photos.

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