Date: 5/27/18 3:34 pm
From: Pamela Johnston <shovzan...>
Subject: [obol] Fledgling?
Someone sent me this photo, saying it's a young Barn Owl, hatched out where
we see it in the picture. I have seen an adult owl here in daytime several
times. It's pretty spine-tingling when it flies silently outside, banking
to turn. But I have never found evidence that they do more than roost and
eject pellets, in one place.

Lots of young owls have a dark facial mask, but this one seems broad for

I realize it's a lousy picture, but there is another element that bothers
me, the substrate. There is nothing resembling a platform in this roof,
just trusses with a channel formed by 2X6 lumber, which this youngster is
sitting in. It seems too deep and narrow for the adult to settle into to
incubate the eggs.

Is this a little Barn Owl, hatched onsite? If a person was around the nest
site in the day, paying attention, would they find activity or hear
anything? Or did the pictured owl fly in, then out?

In uncertainty,

Pamela Johnston

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