Date: 5/27/18 3:21 pm
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Subject: IBET Inflatables "Sports Park" proposed for Montrose Beach, comments DUE June 5th
The Chicago Park District has submitted an application to the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) to put in a huge, inflatable water park at Montrose Beach (the “Sports Park” and “Sports ParkXL”).  This concession would be located right in Lake Michigan just off the dunes.  Please see the attached proposal with graphics and detailed information.  
See this link for detailed info and graphics: is holding a public comment period that started May 16 and ends June 5.  
It was just two years ago almost that we were confronted with and successfully fought off a similar project, the "Surf Park,” another attempt to usurp public land and resources and install an expensive private concession at Montrose Beach, Chicago’s largest and busiest.  The “Sports Park” concession will be sited right in the lake and embedded into its bottom with 970 pound blocks and stainless steel rebar.  What happens in the water affects what happens on land and, in addition to the increased noise, trash, and pollution from the Park, the numerous artificial structures will negatively impact the lacustrine ecosystem (see EPA website - (  Please take the time today to write the Army Corps and CPD officials (especially Board President Ruiz) and loudly renounce this project and its implications for Montrose Beach, the natural areas, and the entire recreational area.  Address the message to: Army Corps of Engineers - Michael J. Murphy (<Michael.J.Murphy...>) CPD General Superintendent - Mike.Kelly (<Mike.Kelly...>)

CPD-CEO - Pat Levar (<patrick.levar...>) 

President of CPD’s Board of Commissioners - Jesse Ruiz (<jesse.ruiz...>).  CPD Director of Department of Natural and Cultural Resources – Cathy Breitenbach (<cathy.breitenbach...>).

Consider focusing on the factors that the Army Corps uses when writing to them:

“The following general criteria are considered in evaluating all applications:

1. The relevant extent of public and private need for the proposed work;

2. Where unresolved conflicts of resource use exist, the practicability of using reasonable alternative locations and methods to accomplish the objective of the proposed structure or work; and

3. The extent and permanence of the beneficial and/or detrimental effects the proposed structure or work is likely to have on public and private uses to which the area is suited. “

There is a similar park in Whiting, IN. Does Montrose need another 20,000 visitors in the summer?
Whiting WhoaZone water park saw over 20,000 people in its first season; city plans to expand next summer

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