Date: 5/27/18 12:21 pm
From: Wayne Hoffman <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Crossbills
Hi - 

An update on crossbills on the coast:  

As Doug Robinson and others documented, we had not only White-winged Crossbills joining our  local "Type 10" Red Crossbills but also other Red Crossbill types that are normally found inland.  This seems to be a response to a major cone failure across most of the Mountain West.  The majority of crossbills from those areas apparently moved east of south, but some came to the coast where we had a good crop of Sitka Spruce cones and also a crop of Shore-Pine Cones.

I bring this up today because working in my yard yesterday and today (just south of the Newport Airport) I have been hearing Red Cossbills regularly.  Most have sounded like the Type 10s but i have been also hearing a few groups with louder, sharper, and lower-pitched chirps,  These chirps were also not as consistently given in couplets as the Type 10s seem to.

So even though spring is turning to summer, this "winter" phenomenon continues, and it makes sense to notice the crossbills when you come to the coast.

Wayne Hoffman
South Beach
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