Date: 5/27/18 10:16 am
From: Michael Thelen <mikethelen...>
Subject: SLAS Field Trip Report -- May 26
Valley View Glades Natural Area in Jefferson County proved to be productive
for our group of 32, an extraordinary turnout. To begin the evening
everyone got to see a BEWICK'S WREN singing next to the parking lot;
possibly one of two individuals I observed in the same area on May 23. We
tallied 6 flycatchers including OLIVE-SIDED, ALDER and SCISSOR-TAILED, the
last a fly-by, seen by me and perhaps one or two others at the beginning of
the trip. Despite the time of day, and heat, birds were still vocalizing
and we did quite a bit of birding by ear. There were 3 singing WOOD THRUSH
and five of the wood warblers including 3 singing OVENBIRD, 1
WARBLER detected by the sharpest ears, and 2 YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT if we
still count it as a warbler. EASTERN TOWHEE and SUMMER TANAGER were well
represented at 9 each.

We scored all 3 of the target goatsuckers for the trip with 12 COMMON
and seen by only a few at the start of the hike. We completed most of the
trail up to a vantage point just below the parking lot with a breathtaking
view of the glade and red and purple sunset. Stopping there we watched, and
listened to, the nighthawks and enjoyed a veritable concert of
whip-poor-wills as they started singing one by one, their voices ringing
across the glade. While some called it a day and continued back to the
parking lot a good number of us lingered for almost 45 minutes after sunset
hoping to hear Chuck-will's-widow but, alas, did not. The Moon, Venus and
Jupiter were brilliant.

Thanks to everyone for their interest and participation and for their
contributions to the collective effort. Here's a link to the eBird report
with comments and photos:

And for an added treat here are some gorgeous glade photos by Ev Luecke who
graciously gave permission to link to her gallery:

If anyone would like me to share the checklist please send an email and I'd
be glad to accommodate.

Mike Thelen
Univ City, StL Cnty, MO

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