Date: 5/27/18 7:05 am
From: Mindy Waldron <awaldron...>
Subject: MAPS bird Banding in Raleigh and Fayette Co.
Our two MAPS (Monitoring Bird Productivity and Survivorship) bird banding stations are now open. We have 1 of the 8 days at each station over with. Our first day near Sandstone Falls was on May 21st. The New River was running extremely high. We banded 11 new birds and had 10 recaptures, and one unbanded hummingbird. We had a juvenile Louisiana waterthrush and a Kentucky warbler. The recaps included a Blue-winged warbler, a N. cardinal banded in 2011, 2 Louisiana waterthrush and a Red-eyed vireo. It was a relatively slow day, but a good day to get back in the swing of banding. Our other station near Oak Hill WV at Wolf Creek has again proven to be a great bird location. Our first day was last Thursday May 24th. It is full of gray catbirds. Catbirds were the number one species last year, and have started off with a bang this year. We banded N. rough-winged swallow, Magnolia warbler, Ovenbird, Gray-cheeked thrush, Carolina chickadee, Trails Flycatcher, E. phoebe, Blue-winged warbler, White-eyed vireo, and 3 Northern waterthrush. The N. waterthrushes were a treat indeed, totally unexpected. When you hold a N. rough-winged swallow in your hand and feel the edges of the primary feathers, you know where the bird got its name. We also had Hooded warbler recaptures. We will have 7 more days at each station between now and August.

Allen and Mindy Waldron
Surveyor WV

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