Date: 5/26/18 11:57 pm
From: Kathy Noerenberg <klnrbnut...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Montrose - Add a King Rail & 2 Warblers to Al S. wonderful Saturday report
Of course I missed some of the great birds Al saw including the Black &
White but especially the Connecticut. I have not seen one this year yet and
warblers are my favorite.

What I can add is a female *Chestnut-sided* in the hedge by the puddle on
the path. That water was somewhat of a magnate on such a hot day.

I also *just missed in the same area a Bay-breasted*. I did see a great
picture of it though taken by the woman next to me. We could not
definitively determine the sex but leaned toward a male.

Highlight of the day for me besides the 6 Mourning W that I saw like Al,
was a great about 4 second look close to 30' away of a *King Rail.* So
thrillingly unexpected even though one was reported on IBET here last
weekend! I saw it about noon come out of the vegetation onto a not so
popular trail. Whereupon it probably saw me, so it then promptly made an
unhurried U-turn on the trail and disappeared back into the vegetation. I
waited 5-10 seconds so I would not stress the bird before moving slowly
toward where it had disappeared hoping to see the vegetation moving but no
such luck. Wonderful blessed timing sure was crucial here as it always is!

Kathy Noerenberg
Western Springs, Cook County

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