Date: 5/26/18 2:45 pm
From: 'Tom McCabe' <tmccabe9...> [ible] <ible-noreply...>
Subject: [IBLE] A lifer in Hulls Gulch!
When the Robins woke me up around 5, I wasn't too enthusiastic, but when the
Screech Owls chimed in, I decided I needed to go to Hulls Gulch before the
crowds. The first person I encountered was Amy Silver, and she immediately
asked if I was looking for the owl. I assumed she meant the Great Horned
Owl, so I acted nonchalant. But when she told me Mary Korkor had come all
the way from Wisconsin to find a Barred Owl on my doorstep, I got excited.

Amy gave me directions to where she had seen it. But despite searching for a
while, I came up with lots of other birds, but no BAOW. So I was really
pleased to see Amy still at the first parking lot, and she volunteered to
show me where she had seen the blighter. We biked back up the road and then
wandered around for all of 5 minutes when I realized I was staring at a very
calm and composed Barred Owl. Talk about soul satisfying views! But it
wasn't until I got home that I confirmed that my life list did not have a
check mark beside this particular owl.

And while I dipped on Gray Catbird (again), I did find the Northern Harrier
again, only this time both male and female, again being pursued by RWBB's.
Plus there are still W. Tanagers hanging around (nesting?) and the immature
GHOW's were hanging around with one of the adults, and they are definitely
the same size.

Hulls Gulch got really crowded so I headed to the river, but it was only
marginally better. Final tally for the day was 50 birds in 16 miles of
biking, including 7 raptors (W. Screech Owl, Barred Owl, G. Horned Owl,
Swainson's Hawk, RT Hawk, A. Kestrel, and Osprey).

But a big THANK YOU! to Mary Korkor for finding, and Amy Silver for sharing,
a wonderful bird.

Tom McCabe, Boise

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