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The puzzling thrush was a Swanson's thrush which makes sense this time of year.

Seattle, WA

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>Subject: [Tweeters] morning songs and a puzzle
>This morning whilst watering the garden I heard a flute like song followed by several water-droplet sounding quoits. With garden hose in hand, I froze and could just see a bird in the lower branches of the hedgerow rhododendrons but couldn't make out what it could be. The sounds didn't match any of the thrush recordings that I could find.
>Any ideas? I can't seem to locate any recordings with the same sounds. The water droplet sound was very clear and distinct; the song seemed on the short side in length.
>On another note, I awoke at 4am to a very loud chorus of robins, juncos, wrens and ? singing away. Good start to the weekend.
>Seattle, WA
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