Date: 5/26/18 8:45 am
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Subject: IBET IBSP
In the IBSP North Unit this morning, there are now 3 Henslow's Sparrows, 2 Sedge Wren and a Pied-billed Grebe on territory. There's new Henslow's and Sedge Wren territories in the field bordering Lake Michigan at the eastern most parking lot.

The South Unit had less migrants, only 2 Swainson's Thrushes, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird blitzing down the lakefront and a Yellow-throated Vireo near the hotel.

Best bird was a subadult Red-shouldered Hawk, which was observed flying south/southwest towards Waukegan, but perhaps could be a non-breeding bird that is using the broader area to summer in. This specific individual would be recognizable if seen again, as the feather in both wings bordering the white 'window' area of the wing were both molting in (looking more like it was just missing). The Ellis's were present when it flew by and took some photos of this bird.

Lastly, the European Goldfinch is still singing away near its nesting site in the pines at the Hotel.

Eric Walters
Zion, IL/Grandview, MO

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