Date: 5/26/18 8:37 am
From: <ericwalters7...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Lake Co Wilson's Phalaropes
A pair of Wilson's Phalaropes were at Spring Bluff Forest Preserver this morning. They came in after 6 am and were still there when I left more than a half hour later.
There were shorebirds coming in (mostly) and feeding, although some moved on and I suspect once they are full, there will be more turnover, especially with the southwest winds. At the peak, there were 25 Semi Sandpipers, Greater Yellowlegs, 4 Semi Plovers.
The two Sandhill Crane pairs continue with their bugling echoing against the nearby marina buildings. One had a colt a few weeks back, so there was at least one successful nesting.

This site has received 10 years of habitat restoration by the Lake County FP and its really had wonderful improvements. For those who haven't been here recently, the road through the middle has been pulled up and replaced with a gravel path and the flooding across the northern end of this road has been mitigated.
As well, a wildlife/bird observation tower is being erected on the south side of the bridge, seemingly giving a nice raised view (unlike the Lyons Woods FP one). It's supposed to be ready by end of June.

If folks do visit North Point Marina, the request is to keep the data from Spring Bluff FP separate, as the avian data can better be used in habitat restoration plans. Both NPM and Spring Bluff are eBird hotspots.

Eric Walters
Zion, IL/Grandview, MO

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