Date: 5/25/18 4:37 pm
From: Brian Williams via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] we're rolling up our sleeves and need your help to save Pachaug Forest, scoping meeting on 5 June, Griswold
The Plan:  
For the past three years DAS hasn't been forthcoming about their designs nor recpetive to public input concerning the limited research comprising the foundation of their desired CT state police training facility.  Their proposed three firing-range facility with two outbuildings at a bonded cost of seven million is the tip of the iceberg as now DAS is committed to a project several times the size and cost of the first development stage.  Apparently DAS considers it worthy to commence a perpetual state of disturbance dependent only on available funding they would provide, not to mention their projection of cost per square foot at a lowball estimate at least one-third beneath normal cost of state projects.  There is no accountability for how the topography would be affected as they plan wells, cell towers and several buildings to the extent that clear cuts and 'rerouting' of Crooked Brook would occur for their accomadation. 
This link to the environmental monitor, (Council on Environmental Quality) meeting #4, provides further links to four different plans under consideration.  This area is a mile south of Hopeville Pond State Park and a half-mile east of 201 up Trail II Rd.  Copy and paste if necessary.|   
this link directs to the FAQ site on the proposed new training facility.  
How you can help:   
We need support as you may send e-mails to the legislature and the contact e-mail listed on the environmental monitor.  Anyone can attend and give comment at the scoping meeting scheduled 5 June, 7pm at Griswold High School and as we need to fill the auditorium friends are welcome.  Social media is a great tool for outreach if managed from a position on high ground.  I hope you will join the overwhelming local opposition to the designs of DAS and their politics trying to impose a megastructure to divide our largest managed state forest with horse camps, campgrounds, a great swamp and rhododendorn sanctuary all joined in a network of blue-blazed trails.   Also my personal favorite spot for birding, bugguide, or its miles of wildflowers and native flora.
Brian Williams   
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