Date: 5/25/18 3:52 pm
From: Sue Hannon <sbhannon...>
Subject: Dauphin County, Harrisburg Peregrine Falcons
Re: Falcon Watch and Rescue

While Harrisburg's peregrine chicks are still several days shy of the
average fledging age for this site, the adults were seen attempting to
entice them from the ledge yesterday afternoon. The chicks' feathers are
filling in fast, and their behavioral indicators show they are very near
fledging. So the off-hours watch will go into effect tomorrow at noon and
will run until about June 4, possibly longer depending on how fledging

Fledging time provides a great opportunity to see peregrine falcons at
pretty close range. The next week should offer some terrific chances to
witness and photograph aerial food exchanges, falcons stooping to hunt or
chasing eagles and other birds of prey out of the area, and plenty of
fascinating juvenile antics. The annual show is almost ready to begin, so
bring your lawn chairs, binoculars, and cameras and join us on the lawn
across the street from the Carson Building for a front row seat!

Volunteers are still needed for this year's Falcon Watch. If you are
interested in participating, please let me know.

Sue Hannon
Dauphin County, PA
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