Date: 5/25/18 2:32 pm
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I can't speak for other folks in the Boise area, but my best birding right
now is happening in Hulls Gulch. This is a small valley (gulch?) behind
Camels Back Park. You can drive north from downtown on 8th St. and the paved
street goes by the lower part (on the left hand side). Then the road turns
to dirt and you reach the first parking lot, which is usually great in the
early morning. Continue up the dirt road to the parking lot for the
Foothills Learning Center, and you can then hike up into the sagebrush
foothills. Since I do all my birding from my bicycle, I'm not sure what the
birding is like higher up the dirt road, but it eventually gets into
Ponderosa pine habitat.

Another parking lot is located at the upper end of 9th St., and you could
park there and hike up to the Foothills Learning Center. It's a relatively
gradual slope for walking, but some parts are a grunt for an old fart on a

I hope you enjoy your stay.

Tom McCabe, Boise

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Subject: [IBLE] Birding opportunities

Hi all, I am here in Boise and am wondering if there are any birding outings
this weekend. Any advice on rare birds being seen. Any great hiking trails
that are particularly birds right now. The migration in Wisconsin was pretty
crazy this year with warblers feeding on the ground because the trees are so
late in leafing out. Dozens of Cape May Warblers jumping up out of the grass
grabbing bugs for my May Bird Count. Weird.

Mary Korkor
Hartland, WI

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