Date: 5/25/18 12:51 pm
From: <ericwalters7...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Waukegan Piping Plover nesting observations
With Dan Williams observation yesterday of a Piping Plover 'building' a nest at Waukegan, it has set into motion conversations between the US Fish and Wildlife Services and the city of Waukegan, on how best to protect the nest, among many other questions.

As birders, you can help by communicating any key observations you might see of this Waukegan pair, especially in their nesting area in the large, gravel overflow parking lot, which west of the main parking lot. Note that Waukegan has/will be blocking off that area from cars/people traffic, especially for this holiday weekend. We as birders have binocs and scopes and ID skills, so we might see something from a safe distance, that could be helpful to the groups trying to plan out this nest protection.

Thus, if you have an observation of the Waukegan Piping Plover pair, especially through this holiday weekend, please send and email to Brad Semel (at <Brad.Semel...>) or text him with your information at 6303993242.

Thanks for any contribution to this exciting and currently evolving avian story.

Eric Walters
Zion, IL/Grandview, MO

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