Date: 5/25/18 7:49 am
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Subject: RE: [IBLE] Birding opportunities
Wow – sounds like we all should head to Wisconsin! That would be as good as a ‘norther’ – which I still haven’t been able to experience yet…

Re your question, I’m not aware of anything, but maybe someone else will have a better answer for you. Have a wonderful time here regardless! Jonathan, HSB

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Subject: [IBLE] Birding opportunities

Hi all, I am here in Boise and am wondering if there are any birding outings this weekend. Any advice on rare birds being seen. Any great hiking trails that are particularly birds right now. The migration in Wisconsin was pretty crazy this year with warblers feeding on the ground because the trees are so late in leafing out. Dozens of Cape May Warblers jumping up out of the grass grabbing bugs for my May Bird Count. Weird.

Mary Korkor
Hartland, WI

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