Date: 5/24/18 1:41 pm
From: Michael Hobbs <birdmarymoor...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2018-05-24
Tweets – Dark overcast today, with eventual sprinkles turning to steady mizzle. But it was moderately birdy. We are all noting, however, that the actual number of many of the neotropical migrants seems quite low. And odd that or Best Bird of the Day in May turned out to be a LONG-TAILED WEASEL just south of the Pea Patch that gave us great looks.

a.. Gadwall – first in four weeks
b.. Mallard – two bright white barnyard birds were shocking
c.. Hooded Merganser – one or two seen flying near the windmill
d.. California Quail – heard again, this time from southeast of the Dog Meadow
e.. Eurasian Collared-Dove – one flyby
f.. Anna’s Hummingbird – two babies in nest near start of boardwalk
g.. Spotted Sandpiper – at least four
h.. – loon sp. – Presumed “Common”, two seen distantly flying, later one seen distantly flying
i.. Green Heron – one near Lake Sammamish, seen from Rowing Club dock
j.. Osprey – at least the two pair; many, many sightings
k.. Bald Eagle – at least 5, including at least 2 juveniles
l.. Great Horned Owl – Matt heard an adult and juvenile near the mansion ~4am
m.. MERLIN – very dark bird, south end of Dog Meadow; only 9th sighting for May/June
n.. WILLOW FLYCATCHER – First of 2018; maybe 4 heard singing, one seen
o.. WESTERN KINGBIRD – one in Dog Meadow
p.. N. Rough-winged Swallow – at least 2
q.. Swainson’s Thrush – actually got to see two, plus first SINGING of the year; around 10 total
r.. Evening Grosbeak – one, flyover
s.. Lazuli Bunting – male in Pea Patch
We watched an OSPREY with a very large fish get harassed by both a juvenile BALD EAGLE and several AMERICAN CROWS. The Osprey could not gain elevation, and eventually and inevitably had to give up the fish to the eagle.

In terms of low quantities of migrants:

Western Wood-Pewee – 1
Willow Flycatcher – 4
– No other empids –
Western Kingbird – 1
Warbling Vireo – at most 5
Bullock’s Oriole – ZERO
Common Yellowthroat – most common warbler – maybe 9
Yellow Warbler – perhaps 7
Yellow-rumped Warbler - 1
Wilson’s Warbler – 3 heard
– No other warblers
Western Tanager – ZERO
Lazuli Bunting – 1

On Tuesday morning, Kazuto Shibata photographed an EASTERN KINGBIRD in the East Meadow.

For the day, 66 species, with WILLOW FLYCATCHER and the Eastern Kingbird new for the year.

== Michael Hobbs
== <BirdMarymoor...>

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