Date: 5/24/18 11:48 am
From: Deb Hale <debhale72...>
Subject: Yesterday's special treats
Yesterday morning I watched a new raven in the woods at Murphy Farm. He
was trying to hide behind the trunk of an oak tree, but of course his size
made that nearly impossible. I kept an eye on him for about 5 minutes,
hoping he would open his mouth in hunger or to speak, but he remained
silent, only retreating further into the woods in a couple of awkward
flights, which reinforced my thought that he was a juvenile. His mother
came along afterwards looking for him, vocalizing. She looked a bit
worried, but headed off in the right direction.

In the late afternoon, my son and I strolled down the road to the Bolivar
pond (what we call Plip-Plop Pond) to see what we could see. A lot of frogs
plunked into the water ahead of our approach; turtle heads appeared to
float on top of the pond; a giant koi somersaulted under the willow tree,
bright orange; and then the green heron flew into view. He perched on and
fished from the rock island and came up with a large tadpole, which he
quickly gulped down. He flew across the pond, and then back again, and
that's when we saw the nest, down low in the mix of privet hedge and
weigela bush, where the pond meets Washington Street. Sure enough there
lay some light blue eggs. A lovely discovery for us, indeed.

Deb Hale
Harpers Ferry/Bolivar
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