Date: 5/24/18 7:01 am
From: Amy Taracido <amytaracido...>
Subject: FYI notice from BIRDEAST
I was requested by one of the Birdeast Listserv managers to spread the word on other local birding platforms that: The BirdChat family of lists, including Birdeast, Birdcntr, Birdwest, Birdband and BirdChat itself, will be down until further notice. Kansas State University's Listserv server facility experienced a small fire late on 5/22/18. The servers will be restored as soon as possible but there is currently no time estimate. Please feel free to re-post this to other state and regional bird forums.

Chuck Otte, Dave Rintoul, and Laurie Larson, co-listowners, BirdChat"

She also posted that yesterday to Jerseybirds, and asked Ted Floyd at ABA to have it posted to their website; they were hoping it would be a very brief outage. If you can share it with any state or regional forum please do.


Amy Taracido

Washington Co., PA
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