Date: 5/23/18 9:05 pm
From: Andrew Reago <andrew.reago...>
Subject: The magic of migration at Benton Park 5/23/18 - videos
Visiting a little city park called Benton Park in St. Louis today in
order to document a bit of the importance of green space in the city
during spring migration, my wife (Chrissy McClarren) discovered a pair
of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers taking turns sitting on a nest, a pair of
Great Crested Flycatchers building a nest, and a Yellow Warbler
singing, foraging and preening in a tree alongside a Mourning Warbler.
I wanted to share her hard work documenting the continuing loveliness
through video:
Blue-gray Gnatcatchers Taking Turns on the
Nest [1]
Great Crested Flycatchers Building a Nest
A Yellow Warbler Foraging and Preening [3]
A Mourning Warbler Foraging [4]

Full eBird report - [5]

Andy Reago
St. Louis MO


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