Date: 5/23/18 7:54 pm
From: Lisa Berger <goshawk...>
Subject: Spring Seasonal Report for the Bluebird
Call for 2018 Spring Seasonal Report (1 Mar through 31 May) Submissions!

To all who bird in Missouri: The Spring 2018 season will soon conclude, and it is time to send your observations for inclusion in the Spring Seasonal Bluebird report!

Which data are meaningful and why:

Seasonal reports highlight the most notable records, in the context of all MO records, present and past years, included. High counts, early, or late observations are scientifically meaningful within context of the entire Missouri record. For example, 18 Henslow’s Sparrows might be the highest spring count for 2018, but not historically, so may not be included. Our state reports inform ABA’s North American Birds Reports. It is critical that what is published in Missouri is scientifically robust in a regional, continental, and global context.

Method of data submission:

Please email or send your spring observations by USPS or email, and attach high quality images, if you have them! These observations are combined with eBird submissions, before iterative sorting and resorting to reveal significant highlights. Each submission is evaluated without bias for submission method. Submissions for common and uncommon species may not be included, unless a trend or something spectacular is revealed, and some rare observations are not necessarily included. An exception is made for declining species, or species of concern.

If you have questions about a bird’s seasonal status, abundance, and or distribution, please email or call me. If you submit checklists to eBird including comments and images, it is not necessary to send me anything additional. Information submitted to eBird using a pseudonym or anonymously, will not be included in the Spring Report.

Thank you, I look forward to receiving your observations, due June 15!

Lisa Berger

1947 South Kings Avenue

Springfield, MO 65807

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