Date: 5/23/18 10:34 am
From: Amy Taracido <amytaracido...>
Subject: disregard Re: [PABIRDS] Allegheny County Blue Grosbeak--NO
Apologies, I mistook this for the Blue Grosbeak that had been reported at Frick. Please disregard.


From: Amy Taracido <amytaracido...>
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 1:21 PM
To: Michael Fialkovich; <PABIRDS...>
Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Allegheny County Blue Grosbeak--NO

Hi Michael, I am interested in more on this the photos I am looking at on his eBird list, the beak is extremely large and dark, and the back has no mottling and the bird is overall quite dark.

Amy Taracido

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Sent: Friday, May 11, 2018 11:26 AM
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Subject: [PABIRDS] Allegheny County Blue Grosbeak--NO


I was out of town all week so upon returning home I just had a chance to look at the photos on ebird of a Blue Grosbeak that was reported at Beechwood Farms here in Allegheny County yesterday, May 10.

The bird is a first year male Indigo Bunting. Buntings at this age show rusty brown on the wings and other parts of their body. There is a photo that shows the entire bird (most are in profile with the head turned away) and it's an Indigo Bunting.

Mike Fialkovich

Pittsburgh Area, Allegheny County
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