Date: 5/23/18 7:32 am
From: Al & Lois <alandlois...>
Subject: Possible Merlin Riverlands Confluence Road
Yesterday afternoon I headed out Confluence Road and after I went around
1st right angle curve and approached the power lines I saw a bird leave
the wires and fly by me. It was a smaller bird like a falcon, a kestrel
or merlin size bird. The wings seemed long narrow and pointy.  I got a
good close view on flyby and noticed no color or markings to speak of
ruling out kestrel. It was consistently dark all over and think I could
barely see stripping on wings and body, not solid color.  Not sure if
peregrine can be ruled out but this bird looked smaller and flew like
I've seen merlin fly in this same area.

I watched it fly west back across the road and land on the power lines
so I immediately turned around and drove back around the curve. I could
not re-find it.

Anyone visiting the area today please keep a lookout for it. It would be
a late record and more sightings or photos are needed.

Al Smith
Bridgeton, Mo.

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