Date: 5/22/18 10:27 pm
From: Jake Kirkland <kirklandj...>
Subject: Re: [pen-bird] Brant & Harriers at Wilder Ranch
Hi birders,

Sorry I didn't mean to reply all, but since I did I guess I should sign my
name correctly.

Jake Kirkland
East Palo Alto

On Tue, May 22, 2018, 10:16 PM Jake Kirkland <kirklandj...> wrote:

> Sorry if I'm telling you something you already know but since you labeled
> it sp. I thought I'd let you know that in that area your weasel was a
> long-tailed weasel, Mustela frenata, as there's only the one species.
> Really cool sighting!
> -Jake
> On Tue, May 22, 2018, 7:59 PM <stevejisawesome...> wrote:
>> Hello birders,
>> I visited several spots from Pescadero south to Wilder Ranch SP this
>> afternoon, failing to find any Black Swifts. But there were a few
>> highlights, as follows.
>> Pescadero (south, free parking section) - 16 Surfbirds
>> Pigeon Point - a flock of 100+ Band-tailed Pigeons on the telephone
>> wires, by far the largest flock I've ever seen. Probably the same bunch
>> reported there earlier this month.
>> Just S of Ano Nuevo SP - 3 Purple Finches, and a White-throated Swift
>> making no attempt at all to imitate a Black Swift
>> Wilder Ranch SB - Brant (at the mouth of the creek), and two Northern
>> Harriers, including an adult male.
>> I also a weasel spp on the bluffs along the Old Cove trail. I was
>> watching a White-crowned Sparrow with a moth in its bill, and we both saw
>> the weasel cross the path into the shrubs near the Sparrow. It remained
>> perched high with the moth, looking around, for several minutes. It then
>> flew to perch atop a nearby shrub, near two prominently perched Song
>> Sparrows, and continued to look around with the moth in its bill. I guess
>> the WCSP did not want to visit the nest, while the weasel was around.
>> cheers,
>> Steve Johnson
>> visiting from Virginia

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