Date: 5/22/18 10:40 am
From: Nick Bolgiano <nickbolgiano...>
Subject: many BTG warblers on Tussey Mt
I have a number of regular hiking-birding routes. One is on Tussey Mt, from
Jo Hayes vista to PA Furnace Rd with a side excursion down to Indian Steps
Trail and back up, for 7 unique miles, plus 3 miles back.

What I have found especially interesting during late April-July is the
number of black-throated green warblers I encounter there. On 6 walks there
during the last 3 years, I have counted 51-59 singing male BTG warblers (56
yesterday). Their density on the ridge top is much higher than on the lower
slopes. Most of the ridge top is deciduous forest - it doesn't seem to
matter whether or not there are hemlocks.

I find the same thing on Stone Mt and Jackson Trail (other side of rt 26),
though not as many BTGs.

Also lots of red-eyed vireos (122 yesterday) and ovenbirds (82 yesterday).
Also a mourning warbler yesterday, a variant with a white eye ring. About
half the time in summer, a rattlesnake or two.

Nick Bolgiano

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