Date: 5/22/18 7:23 am
From: Gerry McChesney <gerry.mcchesney...>
Subject: Re: [pen-bird] Devil's Slide seabirds, nesting Peregrines
Garth Harwood discovered a vantage point where you can see the Mainland area where the Northern Gannet has been recently, as well as nesting seabirds and a full view of the Peregrine nest. The gannet wasn't there yesterday but we checked out the spot and found you can see the area from there. The vantage is from the far south parking area of the Devil's Slide Trail south entrance. Its pretty far though, probably 500 meters.

From the far south parking area, look north to the large south-facing cliffs of the Devil's Slide bunker hill. The gannet has been down low in the main group of nesting Brandt's Cormorants and Common Murres. The Peregrine nest is high up on the right (eastern) side of the cliff face, in a large crevice. If the gannet isn't there, its still a good idea to check Devil's Slide (Egg) Rock.

Gerry McChesney

On May 19, 2018, at 4:44 PM, Gerry McChesney <gerry.mcchesney...> wrote:

Update from the Common Murre Restoration Project monitoring of seabirds at Devil's Slide. Common Murres are just beginning to lay eggs on Devil's Slide (or, Egg) Rock. About 1500 murres are present daily. Several active Brandt's Cormorant nests are on the rock along with one Western Gull nest.
The Northern Gannet continues to be seen regularly, although in recent days its been hanging out with Brandt's Cormorants and murres on a mainland cliff which unfortunately is not visible from the trail.
The Peregrine Falcons have three downy chicks in the aerie, located on the tall south facing-cliffs of Bunker Hill. To see the chicks, you must view the aerie from as far south as possible (near the South Parking Lot). They're pretty tucked back in. We watched an adult feeding the young in the aerie today from the trail.
Plenty of rock wren activity.

Gerry McChesney
Fremont, CA
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