Date: 5/21/18 9:00 pm
From: Emily Birchman <stollea...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Fledgling ID
Hello all,

My friend who lives in Kirkland sent me pictures of a couple of adorable
little fledglings that showed up in her backyard this evening. I think they
look very much like pictures of house wren fledglings I've found online. My
first guess, without looking anything up, was baby Bewick's Wrens, because
we have those (adults, not babies) in our backyard quite regularly, and
these little fledglings had a faint light stripe above their eyes. I
haven't found a good photo yet of a Bewick's fledgling though so I don't
know if that's what these are - as I mentioned, they look a lot like baby
house wrens from images I found on Google images. I have never seen a house
wren in this area (I live in Kenmore, very close to the Kirkland-Kenmore
border, about 2.5 mi from my friend), so I assumed we didn't really have
them around here. I would love to hear if I'm wrong about that!

I am not sure how to share the photos easily through this medium, but will
happily email them to anyone who is interested in trying to ID them. My
friend and I would love to know for sure what they are!

Thank you!

Emily Birchman
Kenmore, WA

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