Date: 5/21/18 5:31 pm
From: Katrina Knight <kknight...>
Subject: Re: OT -- Question about several recent emails with no subject -- are these spam?
At 06:14 PM 5/21/2018 reeser wrote:
>I've received several emails from what appear to be list
>subscribers email addresses but there is no subject header and
>when opened the email only contains a link.
>Should these be deleted? Are they spam?

Yes, they'e spam, or possibly something worse. The links may
lead to malicious content - I'm not going to click on one to
find out.

Someone is harvesting user names and addresses from various
mailing lists then sending messages to the lists using them. All
of the ones I've checked out originate from a server in Japan.
If your mail client is capable of it, you can set up a filter
that looks for "" either in the Received: headers
or in any header. Unless you get mail from people in Japan,
you're not likely to be getting any legitimate mail from there.

Katrina Knight
Reading, PA, USA
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