Date: 5/21/18 1:10 pm
From: Joseph Wallace <joew701...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Bryant Park: Thrushes, Swamp Sparrow
A 10:15-11:15 exploration of the park revealed one briefly glimpsed
(presumably) Gray-Cheeked Thrush (in the SW corner); at least three
Swainson's Thrushes in the plantings on the park's edges; two or three
Swamp Sparrows; six Yellowthroats (all but one male); about as many
Ovenbirds; a plethora of paired-off Catbirds; and a Baltimore Oriole
singing in a plane tree overhead. One interesting non-avian sighting: a
small orange dragonfly (perhaps Eastern Amberwing, *Perithemis tenera?*)
hovering over the planters at the park's mid-Sixth Avenue entrance. --Joe


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