Date: 5/20/18 3:14 pm
From: Mary Dodds McCarthy <000000bbb2ce0f37-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Eagle Bluffs and south River Road
Stan and I drove around Eagle Bluffs after the rain this morning and saw a few FOY’s. Some Black Terns flying over the main distribution channel, several Dickcissels, 12 young goslings out for a swim with 6 adults, and a female Wood Duck with 2 chicks. Unfortunately they were in a shallow pool across the road, surrounded by turtles in what looked like a standoff. Just watched for a couple of minutes and they were all very still. When we came back, the turtles were there but no ducks. Hopefully mama got everyone out safely.

Then we drove down the south river side to see if we could find Edge’s Bobolinks and Flycatchers. Looked for a while at the corner, but just saw Dickcissels, swallows and blackbirds. But then as we drove on, in the yard of the first farmhouse were several Northern Bobwhites. So win some, lose some.

Mary Dodds McCarthy
Columbia, Boone County
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