Date: 5/20/18 12:56 pm
From: Deborah Grove <dsg4...>
Subject: Upcoming PSO meeting Sept 14-16
Watch out for the upcoming registration for the annual Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology (PSO) meeting September 14, 15 and 16! This year we travel to Crawford County and target sites for field trips will be the Conneaut Marsh area, Linesville Fish Hatchery and Miller Ponds/Game Commission Management Area among other sites. The Saturday evening banquet speaker is Dr. Ronald Mumme, professor of biology at Allegheny College for 25 years. He began his study on the hooded warbler in 2010 and one aspect of his studies has been the startling of insects as an important foraging technique. The bird flashes its brightly colored tail feathers to startle the insects and catches them when they attempt to fly away. Saturday afternoon events will include other talks and several vendors.

Deborah Grove
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