Date: 5/17/18 11:19 am
From: Scott Seltman <sselt...>
Subject: Correction RE: Ash-throated Flycatcher at Quivira / 5 May
Excellent pics by Peter Burke of the silent 'myiarchus' I reported from
Quivira NWR on 5 May showed several fieldmarks that I simply didn't notice
in the field, so we have switched the ID from Ash-troated to Great Crested.
It was paler than normal for a GCFL this time of year.

My apologies and please strike the sighting from any seasonal reports.

This means that Quivira NWR still doesn't have a Ash-throated Flycatcher
record. Some may remember that I saw and photographed a ATFL a little over
a mile west of the Big Salt Marsh and off the refuge on 2 May, 2013. I
can't recall if anyone else saw that bird.

The Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks are still just sorta roaming around Larned
in small groups. On 16 May I saw 13 along the shore at the sandpit SE of
town along K-19. My guess is that a few will linger all summer, but who

I made a quick drive-thru of Cheyenne Bottoms on 16 May and saw nothing of
note, in fact bird numbers had dropped dramatically from 12 days earlier.
On 4 May I saw a lone Common Gallinule on the north side of the road about a
mile east of the refuge HQ. I did NOT see it again yesterday, but it's
something to watch for.

Scott Seltman

Larned, Kansas

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