Date: 5/17/18 7:03 am
From: Scott Sainsbury <scott...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] wilson's
I took a short walk this morning. As I set out, I bemoaned not having seen many Warblers / special birds here this year — and recalled having a Wilson’s warbler visit our back yard a few years ago.
No sooner did that thought cross my mind than I heard that sort of wet-trilly song that sounded like a Wilson’s. Sure enough, poking in and out of a Cedar hedge was a charming mouse-eyed, black-capped bright yellow Christmas tree ornament.
I know the old adage, “If you ask for it, it will come”. But this was a bit ridiculous. Quite a thrill.
Sorry, no pictures — the bird was just to busy and mostly hidden to catch it.
CrossHaven Farm
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