Date: 5/16/18 10:20 pm
From: Matt Cahill <matt.c.cahill...>
Subject: [COBOL] More Hatfield Bird Updates
Hi all,

After hearing about the rarities that showed up this morning, I swung by
Hatfield at sunset to test my own luck. The loon and one Clark’s grebe were
still resting on the first pond. Three Bonaparte’s gulls were roosting on
the back pond. There was a really nice shorebird collection that peaked at
the end of my walk where, on the mudflats nearest the parking lot on the
first pond 11 species of shorebirds were all packed together with another
epic sunset blazing in the sky.

Included in the cohort were many Wilson’s phalaropes, spotties and
killdeer, 5 long-billed dowitchers, and one each of a greater yellowlegs,
lesser yellowlegs, stilt, semipal plover, least, western and semipal
sandpiper. At one point my scope view framed both yellowlegs side-by-side
with all three peeps lined up perfectly in front of them. If there were
more light, and I owned a very expensive camera, it would have been the
mother of all species comparison shots. As it was, I’ll just continue to
embellish in my mind how cool that sight was for the rest of my life. I did
get a fun see-no-evil type photo of three dowitchers (see the checklist).

Didn’t see the grackle, short-billed dowitcher, Franklin’s gull, Forester’s
tern or ibis. Too windy to relocate the black-throated sparrow. Maybe in
the morning...

Here’s my checklist:

Good birding,

Matt Cahill

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