Date: 5/16/18 8:05 pm
From: Scott Somershoe <ssomershoe...>
Subject: [cobirds] Golden-crowned Warbler location info
I had a couple folks asking exactly where the spot is. Glenn provided some
great info on getting there, but I'll expand briefly and add more on where
the bird was seen this afternoon.

From Flagler, you can take dirt roads via CR 5 south, jogging around on a
couple turns to CR GG. From GG, go east and then turn right (south) on CR
9 at a funky intersection, and go 1.8 miles south to the ranch. The bird
was about opposite the ranch house this afternoon.

From Wild Horse, it is a real easy straight shot north from the highway
with no turns. From 287/40, go 13.0 miles north on CR 9 to the ranch. You
can't miss the ranch because it's the only big cluster of trees.

As Glenn noted this morning, the bird was seen by Joey Kellner and Norm
Erthal in a juniper on the east side of the road, just north of the creek
bridge. We later saw the bird a bit further north at the little cross
street with the ranch house. On the right, opposite the house, are 2
trailers in a little dirt lot. The bird was working the thicket right next
to the road just south of the trailers. At least while I was there, it
stayed in the north end of that thicket. It is REALLY skulky and tricky to
find and follow.

My checklist (with GCWA photos) is plotted at the spot where the bird was,
if that's helpful. Open the list, click on "Map" next to the location name,
and it'll open Google maps and mark the location.

List from the 4.5 hours this morning when we didn't see the bird, if
interested. Very birdy.

I hope this is helpful to those going in the morning. Good luck! Bring a
lawn chair and your patience.

As Glenn noted, there is NO ACCESS off the road. Stay on the road and
shoulder. The bird was seen next to the road anyway, so be patient.
Birding was great along the road! Most folks parked south of the creek
bridge today, which may be wise to do in the future.

Scott Somershoe
Littleton CO

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