Date: 5/16/18 4:13 pm
From: Alan & Joan Linquist <linquists...>
Subject: [wisb] Northern Kettle Moraine (Washington and Fond Du Lac Counties)
Alan Linquist Washington Country
Today was a big day for Baltimore Orioles and Yellow Warblers.  Although I took my normal route, I tended to avoid the lakes themselves as almost all of the waterfowl is gone.  I did see some Sandhill Cranes out in the fields and in one pothole pond.  Canada geese and mallards are still around. Theres a cardinal or two at each stop and many swallows. My greatest frustration are the little gray birds.  I can make stabs at them but they are just guesses.  One of the problems seems to be that they look yellower in the guide books than the ones I've spotted.    I Red Winged Blackbird (41)Barn Swallow (21)Canada Goose (19)Baltimore Oriole (15)Robin (15) Saw two in a pushing match over a nestYellow Warbler (11)Turkey Vulture (10)  Saw one sunning himselfStarlings (10)Cardinals (7)Grackles (6)Sandhill Crane (5)Field Sparrow (4)Catbird (3)Song Sparrow (3)Mourning dove (3)Yellow Rumped Warbler (3)Wilson's Warbler (3)Downy Woodpecker (3)Flicker (3)Mallard (3)Black capped Chickadee (3
)Cowbird (2)Eastern Phoebe (2)Indigo Bunting (2)Ring Neck Pheasant (1) at the side of the roadRose Breasted Grosbeak (1)
Red Bellied Woodpecker (1)House Sparrow (1)Red Tailed Hawk (1)Blackpoll Warbler (1)  It had a black cap chickadee kind of head.Blue Jay (1)Tennessee Warbler (1)Killdeer (1)The questionable ones:     Five little gray birds with no yellow but a light black eye streak.  They seemed to be too big for gnatcatchers but I seem to remember a two feather tail, rounded and white on the underside.  Maybe they were gnatcatchers.     I got a good look at another gray bird with a black eye and a light white streak through it.  My guess is a vireo but it didn't sing.  Really pretty gray bird.  It could be any of the three gray vireos although some of them looked rather yellowish in their photos on line.  

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