Date: 5/16/18 12:25 pm
From: Steve Jones <sjlarue1...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] RFI: Chuck-will's Widow info...

I have very few Ohio Life Birds left...really only one or two "normal"
breeding birds. This Friday I hope to get at least one off the list. So...

I was wondering if anyone has info on good places to see a Chuck-will's
Widow. I would like to get a few pictures as well...I see on eBird some
saying heard only, and some are posted later in the day giving the
impression that they were seen. So I was hoping to get at least one in my

My only other need is a Yellow Rail, so if I do not get any info on the
Will's Widow, I might have to hop up to Toodledoo and hear the Rail...but
that is really early. :-D

So any info would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Steve J.


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