Date: 5/16/18 10:38 am
From: Harriet Hillis Jansma <hjansma...>
Subject: Re: Carolina Wrens
We have had one group of three fledge late last week somewhere near our house, and as usual they practiced their flying, with the parent birds instructing them constantly, in a protected area between our house and garage, where they "fly" from the stone floor to a chair seat, then to a table top, then into a stone wall covered in vines, where they find things to eat. It is a delightful scene to see and hear.

Harriet Jansma

south side of Mount Sequoyah, Fayetteville

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Subject: Re: Carolina Wrens

Strange thing, I wasn’t seeing or hearing any CARW all spring and the latter half of winter—for the first time. Just a couple days ago I started hearing them again, and came across a nest on the back porch—tilted sideways in an old hanging basket liner on a container against the wall. 1st just one egg, then yesterday 5. In late afternoon the sitting bird spooked and flew at my face!

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Subject: Carolina Wrens

I've lived here for 75 years and this is the first year I can remember, I have not had a single Carolina Wren this spring. Hope this is not another sign of a declining population.

T. Butler

Pangburn, AR

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