Date: 5/16/18 10:19 am
From: Frank Lehman <frank.lehman...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Bay-Breasted Heaven at Mt. Auburn
Hi all,

Just wanted to echo the sentiment that this was an extraordinary
morning at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. I only arrived at 9AM and birded
exclusively the small zone between Fir, Spruce, and Cedar aves, and
nevertheless was treated to a fabulous songbird show. The highlight
was definitely the large number of Bay-Breasted Warblers, male and
female; at one point I had four down low in one tree. Many were still
singing late in the morning. I was surprised how pugnacious they were,
often chasing/being chased by Yellow-Rumps and Northern Parulas. This
is easily the most Bay-Breasteds I've had at the cemetery (or ever,
for that matter). My estimate of 7 is almost certainly an undercount,
considering I didn't move around much and others were reporting them
elsewhere in the cemetery.

Other highlights were several loudly singing Tennessees and a handful
of simply radiant Blackburnians.

Happy birding!

Frank Lehman,
Assistant Professor of Music, Tufts University
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Coordinator of Music Theory
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