Date: 5/16/18 9:56 am
From: dianemarie yates <maribird...>
Subject: Re: Carolina Wrens
Strange thing, I wasn’t seeing or hearing any CARW all spring and the latter half of winter—for the first time. Just a couple days ago I started hearing them again, and came across a nest on the back porch—tilted sideways in an old hanging basket liner on a container against the wall. 1st just one egg, then yesterday 5. In late afternoon the sitting bird spooked and flew at my face!

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From: Terry Butler<mailto:<twbutler1941...>
Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 9:59 AM
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Subject: Carolina Wrens

I've lived here for 75 years and this is the first year I can remember, I have not had a single Carolina Wren this spring. Hope this is not another sign of a declining population.

T. Butler
Pangburn, AR

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