Date: 5/16/18 8:57 am
From: Dan <browndog06...>
Subject: Manhattan migration
I walked part of the South Manhattan Linear Trail this morning, paralleling Wildcat Creek. Although I added Eastern Wood-pewee and Cape May Warbler as new for 2018, it was predominantly sights and sounds of summer. Which has been the case for at least 2 weeks for me.

I know I've lost significant high-end hearing, and that limits me (although I heard the Cape May directly overhead). But have others in the Manhattan area been having good outings, particularly for warblers?

And, can I get something off my chest?  Warblers don't warble. Some of their songs could loosely be described as pretty, but none of them warble. House Wrens warble. Enthusiastically.

So I propose we change the family name, and I've given this a lot of thought, trying and rejecting various attempts. What I finally came up with is Resplendent Leaf Gleaner, or RLG for short.

So this morning I had 1 Cape May RLG and several Yellow RLGs, but no others.

Can I get an amen on the proposed name change?

Dan Mulhern

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