Date: 5/16/18 8:52 am
From: Alex <asgreenplanet4077...>
Subject: [mou-net] Good Stevens County birds
This morning was the first morning of Marsh bird and Duck Surveys for my summer job. I didn’t realize it would start off with quite a bang though!

At Struck WPA, I flushed a Nelson’s Sparrow, which briefly perched before disappearing allowing me to see its dark medial crown stripe. This would be a first county record.
At Hutchinson WPA, I had a Yellow-billed Cuckoo calling in the woodlot there, which would be a second county record, as well as a Golden-winged Warbler singing, which would be a 5th County record. Also of note was a Northern Parula singing, which is listed as “occasional.”
The Cuckoo flew away unfortunately, but the Nelson’s Sparrow should still be around from what I could tell. Tonight looks like a nice night for migration however, and I don’t really expect either species to stick around after that, the habitats weren’t sublime for either species.

Struck WPA Nelson’s Sparrow: (45.7261038,-95.9016702)

Hutchinson WPA woodlot birds:

Happy Birding,
Alex Sundvall

(Of Stevens County until August)

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