Date: 5/16/18 8:29 am
From: Breck Breckenridge <breck22...> [SJBIRDS] <SJBIRDS...>
Subject: [SJBIRDS] a brief account of a brief encounter
Recently President Schneider encouraged us to share more here on the SJ Birds listserv. Before she wrote that I didn't know more casual and personal posts were allowed here! So thanks Susan. But be careful what you wish for, as the saying goes! I love to write...esp. about birds and birding.
So, here's my story: yesterday I was out at Mokelumne Day Use Area. I decided to go there because I noticed from e-bird that it had not been birded since Pat Paternoster did on April 28. I was on the road to the hatchery looking for warblers since Pat had noted that they were primarily found by him on that road.
I was hearing several birds singing loudly throughout that part of the area. Not knowing what I was hearing I began playing various species songs from my Merlin app. At some point I tried "Pacific-slope Flycatcher". It didn't sound like the birds I was hearing at all. Way off. Then just as I was standing there going to the next possibility a small bird flew into a tree nearby quite agitated. Flitting here and there, but too high up for me to see anything other than the belly and vent, which were light buffish, pale yellow maybe (I'm color blind)

So I went back to the Pac-slope song and the next thing I knew the bird flew right at me and hit me lightly on the crown of my head, twice! Then disappeared. Wow! I was stunned. Recovering I tried to raise this bird again with the same call but to no avail. Maybe he had decided he'd had enough of that fake flycatcher?
So can you count a bird if you can't identify it by sight or call, but when its species' song is played it dive-bombs you?
Breck BreckenridgeLodi

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