Date: 5/16/18 7:53 am
From: Chuck Woodrum <cpwoodrum...>
Subject: [] Burney Backyard
We spotted a Lazuli Bunting in the yard yesterday afternoon.  They
certainly add color to the yard given the abundance of Pine Siskin
(30-40 at feeders yesterday) and female House and Purple finch.

A pair of Cassin's Finch stopped by for food and water.  They hung
around most of the day.

A pair of Western Tanager  put in an appearance now and then.

Evening and Black-headed Grosbeaks are common.

The House Wren has taken over the house once occupied by a pair of
Red-breasted Nuthatches.  He flits around, singing for a mate from any
convenient perch.  The RBNU's haven't been seen since evicted.

Tree Swallows have made the new birdhouse their home.  The female is
busy moving nesting materials into the house; the male sits on one of
our radio antenna's and watches. (The last sentence is not intended as
social commentary.)

Chuck Woodrum
Burney  96013

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