Date: 5/16/18 6:01 am
From: David Lindee <00000af9d167ed14-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [ND-BIRDS] Van Hook Yard Birds
In the last couple of days we've had:

House wren

Tree swallows

Lincoln's sparrow

Black-headed grosbeaks (M&F)

Yellow warblers

Yellow-rumped warblers

Swainson's thrush

Baltimore oriole male

Brown thrasher

Rose-breasted grosbeak male

Ruby-crowned kinglets

Western kingbirds

Tennessee warbler

American redstart male

Ruby-throated hummingbird male

Least flycatcher

Orchard oriole

Didn't have any Goldfinches or Pine siskins all winter, now we have them!

Still have a few White-throated sparrows

West of Makoti we spotted a male Bobolink and a Black-crowned night heron
the other day.

Still waiting for a lot of the ladies to show up.

Dave and Ellin Lindee

Van Hook (east of New Town)

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