Date: 5/15/18 9:02 pm
From: Wade Snyder <dry_fly_fisherman1...>
Subject: Jefferson Co. Mississippi Kite; Dickcissel
Hello All,

This evening after work I heard a Dickcissel calling and singing from an apple tree as I was exiting the orchard.

Earlier in the day I had checked on the resident Red-tailed Hawk nest site and observed three chicks peering over the edge of the nest. While watching the nest one of the adults flew in with a branch with green leaves. I have included a photo of the nest site and some photos of the Dickcissel in the following ebird list.

Appalachian Fruit Research Station, Bardane list

Upon leaving the parking lot of the station I decided to take a quick drive over to Burr Industrial Park Ponds in hopes of spotting some more shorebirds. Instead I was treated to an overhead aerial show from a Mississippi Kite dining while in flight. I just did not have time to stop my truck and get set for better photos. However I did manage to get a few for documentation of the Kite. It is kind of interesting that I had seen a Mississippi Kite two different days a couple of weeks ago while visiting my son in South Carolina. I never thought I would be seeing one here in WV. Photos of today's Kite may be viewed in the following ebird list.

Burr Industrial Park, Bardane list

N. Wade Snyder

Shenandoah Junction

Jefferson County

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