Date: 5/15/18 7:28 pm
From: Mike Henwood <mhawkhen...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...>
Subject: [wsbn] Sandhill Cranes plus colt -Mack Area - Mesa County
Hi All,

We have seen a lone Sandhill Crane in a field west of Mack this spring.
Today I was surprised to see 2 adults (look for their brown color) with a
very small chick (believe the correct term is a colt).

The grassy field is on the old 6 &50 Highway west of Mack between 10 and 9
Roads. The field is on the south side of the road just before you get to 9
Road, which goes north off old Hwy 6 & 50. The family of Sandhills were on
the far edge of the field - the adults are brown and the chick is barely
visible as it strives to keep up with the parents.

Sandhills nesting in the valley is starting to become much more common.

Mike Henwood
Grand Junction
Mesa County

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